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Nashville Geek Life is an online resource and news site dedicated to geek culture in Nashville, TN. Since 2013 we have been providing an online network of articles, press releases, event listings, interviews, local business guides and other related media dedicated to fostering and promoting our local scene.

We help create cross-promotional opportunities for businesses and organizations that share our vision for a bigger, greater, and more vibrant geek community. Although based in Nashville, we have worked with various companies such as Marvel, RiffTrax, and Universal Studios to help grow brand engagement in Middle Tennessee and beyond.

In 2013, we started out as a small website with a WordPress template and a few blog posts. Since then, we have grown to be a useful utility as well as a respected news source that regularly networks with major news outlets, such as The Tennessean, Nashville Scene, Wannado and (where one of our writers is a regular contributor). Since these relationships have grown, we decided recently to install a more custom framework to our website, so that we may better serve our media affiliates as well as the community at large. We have various custom pages built for our many sub-communities (cosplay, tech, otaku, etc.), as well as a highly-customizable event calendar and a sorted list of clubs, meetups, and other organizations tied to geek culture in our area.

Beyond web publishing, we are also a non-profit organization that is very visible in the community. We attend many events and meet with various people in our city, as well as host regular networking mixers. We have also inspired others to create similar websites of their own, so that geek culture in their city may become more unified, and as a consequence, grow. We enjoy working with others to help them realize their vision for their own communities, and look forward to working with more in the future.


  • Executive Director: Brianna Reed
  • Editor-in-Chief: Marjorie Spencer
  • Web Developer: Chris Hopper
  • Featured Video Contributors: Kat Colvin, Sed Lanas
  • Featured Article Contributors: Shaun Andrews, Dennis Upkins, Skylar Stone, David Kilborn
  • Additional Contributors: Will Strawbridge, Dominick Stewart, Jran Sakarra, Marti Ryan, Adam Sims, Doug Dyer, Erin Beverly, Holly Moore, Jeremiah Ogle, John Roden, Jen Wooters, Lisa Anderson, Mandi Lynch


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