Nerd Church Podcast


When five lifelong friends get together to argue about geek stuff, this is the uncensored and unfiltered result. From video games to comics, and everything in between, The Nerd Church guys are here to enlighten and entertain.

Join Ira, Stan, Myles, Michael, and Sean for hilarious retellings of childhood experiences and impassioned reviews of all things geek!

In this Episode, Tom Rhodes joins us in the studio to talk nerdy and share a bit of his new album, With or Without. The Clergy have become officially ordained, praise his Noodly appendage! Does having a child chemically incite murderous thoughts? Sean and Ira weigh in. We discuss HBO and the changing cable TV paradigm. Both Black Sails and Black Flag get resounding YARRRs. We bid a fond farewell to Harold Ramis.



  • Myles
  • Michael
  • Sean
  • Ira
  • Stan


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