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Hi! My name is Ant Roman, and I’m a cake decorator. But not really just any cake decorator- I specialize in all things NERDY and GEEK! I started my tumblr to make a few cupcakes and cookies in my spare time, but soon found a ton of people loving the treats I make and sharing them all over the internet. Since then I’ve been on The Today Show, in Seventeen Magazine, worked with/have had my work shared with companies like Funko, Frederator, IGN, Marvel and Entertainment weekly. I’m opening my own bakery soon at 22 years old, and even starting my own monthly geeky treat service called the Nerdache Box. It’s been a real trip, and there’s still so much to do!

I work primarily in Fondant- a kind of sugar play-doh. You can sculpt with it, cover cakes, mold with it and more! Sculpting from cake is just an awesome medium, because you aren’t limited to just the standard 3 tiers and a topper. I can create anything from it, from a lifesize Starlord to a beheaded Deadpool, a mysterious journal and even make intricate layered papercraft-esque cookies.

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