NERDS-Nobody Ever Respects Dorks Society

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Geek Wear, Meets Street Wear. Due to the popularization of being a geek in the 21st century, thanks in most part to television shows such as the “Big Bang Theory”, NERDS Clothing has provided a brand that is synonymous with delivering the otherwise ostracized, the un-cool, a clothing line that gives them the opportunity to be a trend setter whilst still staying true to their inner geek. This growing, generally untapped market provides a strong foundation for NERDS Clothing to continue to build a following through quality products that are fun and affordable. Through strategic partnerships NERDS Clothing was able to expand their current clientele base, increasing brand awareness and recognition, resulting in increased traffic to the established ecommerce website, independently carried by stores across the US, worn by celebrities within the YouTube, Music, and Nerd industry, and more. NERDS Clothing has built a loyal customer base, servicing a broad age demographic of consumers that resonate with the current “geek chic” fashion trend.



Creator: Eric Medina


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