In the first book of this Sci-Fi revenge series, Colonel Sienna McKnight obsessively pursues her mother’s Killer. Experiments performed on an alien artifact give her & others around the globe exceptional abilities.

She fights for the fate of the WORLD and a unique orphan girl.

New Praetorians V1 #1 is the inaugural chapter of a continuing Creator-Owned Graphic Novel series by Illustrator, Actress & Tabletop Gaming enthusiast Satine Phoenix and RK Syrus. Together they’ve created the strong female lead Sci-Fi story they’ve both always wanted to read. A story rich with eclectic characters and locations from the Wandering deserts of Khorasan to Geneva to the outer limits of cold dark matter space. New Praetorians chronicles the struggles, tragedies and triumphs of Sienna McKnight and her Special Ops team.

Issue #1 features 66 fully colored pages & cover art by Jason Shawn Alexander.


  • Artist and Co-Creator: Satine Phoenix
  • Writer and Co-Creator: RK Syrus
  • Colors: Mack Sutton


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