Art, creativity and connection – wise words by Harold Ramis

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As I was scrolling my Facebook feed this week, pondering a meaningful comment about the late Harold Ramis, I found a quote of his (posted by one of our judges, Bonnie Burton).




Harold’s wisdom really struck home.


It’s taken me almost a decade to realize–from experience and many, many trials and errors–that his words are so brilliantly true.


Careers are not made in isolation. Especially for artists.


Creativity and success are the result of being present in the world and connecting with others around you.


Coincidentally, the #1 question I am asked when it comes to our show is: How did you pull it off? 


In other words, how did one person–without the backing of a major network or company–create a show that had an impact on so many.


Well let me tell you.


It’s never just one person.


It’s exactly as Harold states. This show is a result of tremendous synergy of all the talented people I’ve worked with, all helping one another, all connecting. 


Over the last decade, as I worked hard to find my purpose in life, I took note of all the incredible people who have inspired me. People who were generous and wanted to inspire others to help them succeed. People whose talent shined. And most importantly, people with whom I connected with.


One by one, I gathered them under one roof and magic happened.


Because it is never just one person. It takes a whole tribe to create success.


But the really cool part about all of it is that it’s not just my creative team or our judges that get to participate in this magic…


It’s all of YOU.


YOU are the artists making an impact on this world.


YOU make the show possible.


YOU bring your heart and your talent to the table.


It’s YOU who make this tribe complete.


Speaking of heart, the artwork above was created by the incredibly talented Ash Vickers of MegaCynics, one of last year’s Geekie Awards Comic nominees. Almost as soon as she posted this piece, it went viral across the internet. 


Proof that art and creation are powerful tools, and when shared, can make an incredible impact on this world and the hearts of those who are lucky enough to experience it.  


She created. The tribe shared. Magic happened.


Rest in peace Harold Ramis. Your words are an incredible reminder of how we should continue to work with another in synergy. 


You have inspired so many. 


Thank you.


Here is the full image!