What good is talent when no one knows who the heck you are?

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How publicity will launch your career

Early on in my career as a creator and artist, I struggled. A LOT. I felt like I was working so hard at my craft, and the talent and passion were there. But the business (the money) wasn’t coming. 

Sound familiar?

I discovered a real truth. What good is my talent if no one knows who the heck I am?

I decided to take a free class, taught by a brilliant publicist Joy Donnell. Joy had a theory: many creators out there could benefit from what she was giving her celebrity clients. The issue is, publicity is very costly. So, she taught us how to use the wonderful tools of PR to publicize ourselves (for free). 

Publicity is the act of attracting media attention to gain visibility with the public.

The media = Press outlets with audience numbers (the public) in the millions. 

The public = Your potential fans. Companies who want to hire you. Clients who will pay for your talents. 

That’s what I spent the next 4 years doing. I pitched myself to every geek outlet under the sun. Hustled to get myself on red carpets. Spent a lot of money entering shows and festivals. It was so valuable! But it was also exhausting. It was a full time job for years. 

Another truth: Not every creator, artist, designer or filmmaker has the energy or desire to take this route. Which means, a lot of times, incredible talent remains hidden.    

I made it my mission to change that.  

I created The Geekie Awards. A show that had all of the glitz, glam and celebrity power the media wanted. I used the network I spent over a decade building to bring people together, along with the skills I learned to help those who needed it most. 

Then I added one important element: Talented creators who had to be seen. The focus had to ultimately be on up-and-coming talent.  


It worked. On August 2013, The Inaugural Geekie Awards got over one billion media impressions around the world.   


That’s one billion people seeing our creators’ names. Their face. Their work. 

After the show was said and done, they got noticed.  

Colonus (Best Comic Book) was picked up by Dark Horse for publishing. The book was recently featured on the premiere of The Big Bang Theory. Ya know, the #3 watched show on television?   

Alex “The Pumpkin Geek” (Best Art/Craft) got a call from Legendary Entertainment with an order request to carve over 100 pumpkins for a huge Hollywood premiere. Not to mention he’s been booked as a guest on several talk shows.  
The game show podcast What Do You Know (nominee) was swooped up by Jon Lovitz’s new comedy channel.  


Each of these folks took advantage of the attention they received, the needed boost, and turned it into success.  

Creators’ success is truly the heart of our show, and the single most valuable thing we can offer you is publicity to help kick start just that.

Every entry gets a page on our site and a post on our social media. We share other work our entrants email us throughout the year and spread your success stories. We work endless hours to get major brands and the right industry folks involved. 

Oh, and I personally love sharing PR knowledge and tips for success.   

The first step in getting yourself out there is yours to take.


Submissions Open March 1, 2014


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More details regarding categories, rules and how to enter 
will be available on our website VERY soon! 

I’m looking forward to seeing your work!


Kristen Nedopak
Producer / Creator of The Geekie Awards


PS. More about Joy’s Do it In Public Program can be found here. If it weren’t for this marvelous woman, I’d never have had the idea to create this show!