Nightwing : Prodigal Son

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Batman is missing. Gotham’s most ruthless are running rampant. Dick Grayson returns as Nightwing, seeking revenge on the Joker for shooting and paralyzing his ex girlfriend, Barbara Gordon. The Court of Owls finds out about his return, and sends the mercenary Bane to find and kidnap him.

“Prodigal Son” stars Brady Roberts (After the Storm, World of Hurt, TheGYM) as Nightwing, and is directed by JD Buzz (Incursion / Warehouse on Fifth).

Brady Roberts is an established actor and pro wrestler internationally, and created this project out of his love for Batman comics, and especially the Nightwing character.



  • Producer: Brady Roberts
  • Director: JD Buzz
  • Director of Photography: Chase Gardiner
  • Starring: Brady Roberts


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