Nightwing: The Series – Trailer


2015 NOMINEE FOR BEST TRAILER/VIDEO!  |  View all 2015 Nominees

We’re a couple of young filmmakers from Las Vegas with big dreams and crazy ideas. We regularly produce content for our YouTube channel, Ismahawk. We strive to make high quality content and make it our personal mission to make substantial improvement with each and every video. Nightwing: The Series was/is a passion project that stems from our love of DC Comics and Batman’s universe of amazing characters. It was a dream come true to have been funded on Kickstarter!



  • Co-Created/ VFX/ Starring: Danny Shepherd
  • Co-Created/ Costumes by: Jeremy Le
  • Directed By: Adam Zielinski
  • produced by Dominica Castro
  • Music by: Johny Scigulinsky
  • Sound: Colton Rybus
  • Sound: Jordan Mills
  • Actor/ Deathstroke Lance Brazil
  • Actor/ Jason Todd: Noel Schefflin
  • Actor/ Barbara Gordon: Lenna Karacostas
  • Actor/Bruce Wayne: Scott Kinworthy


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