Nun Chuck Taylor


An Ex-assassin is forced out of retirement to make one final hit…only to be set up. Now he’s Hellbent on solving a crime he did commit. Nun chucks fly in this action flick from those crazy guys at T&G World Pictures.



  • Creators: Tim Bearden and Greg Stone
  • Writer/Director: Tim Bearden
  • Directors of Photography: James Zaguroli and Mark Flores
  • Sound: Clarence Steele and Mayra Rodriguez
  • Make Up: Roselynn Paredes, Alex Bizzoco, and Toni Chiang
  • Music: Ken Clifford
  • Nun Chuck Taylor: Gregory Stone
  • Larry Lush: Trevor Anthony
  • Brown Sugar: Kathryn Taylor
  • Hector Horatio: Daniel Roebuck
  • Movie Trailer Voice Guy: Wally Wingert
  • Double D’s: Marvin Rojas, Kristin String, Dustin Breiter, Nicholas Zela
  • NCT Hits: Brian Waller, Eduardo Casteneda, Jeremy Kovach, Jason Moatz


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