Orcus Demunny 3D Sculpture by Alex Velazquez

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Hello everyone – Alex Velazquez here aka Brutikong.
I’d like to submit “Orcus”, the first of my original “Demunny” line of fantasy inspired 3D printed characters for your consideration. I coined “Demunny” as a hybrid of Demon and Munny (small, squat action figures), an inspiration that comes from the mythical demons that inhabit the planes of the abyss.
Orcus is a popular piece in fantasy role-playing games and was named one of the two greatest villains in “Dungeons & Dragons History” by Dragon Magazine. Orcus, the Blood Lord — Prince of the Undead– Ruler of Thanatos, is a squat and bloated figure with immense horns, a desiccated goat head, and a barb tipped tail. As can be seen from the images, I started out creating concept art for Orcus, then modeled him in 3D and 3D-printed the character on a Form 1+ Printer.

I am a professional character artist and have worked for the last 15 years on video game titles like Saints Row, Doom 4, Red Faction, and Wolfenstein. I am currently the lead character artist at Bioware in Austin. As I have matured as a sculptor I began to realize how much of my creative life work exists only digitally. I started this project because I want to change that. I’ve had a lifelong dream to create my own signature Art Collectible line. Demunny is the first step in making that goal a reality. My plan for this Demunny line is to take advantage of my experience as a digital sculptor and character artist to use my new SLS resin printer to create high-quality collectibles.

I first started following the 3D printing revolution early on and, until now, have made do with using online 3D printing services. The long wait times and extremely high per item cost made iteration impossible, so I sought a faster way to prototype. That quest led to investing in a Form 1+ Printer by Form Labs, what appears to be the only desktop SLS resin printer on the market that could capture the level of detail I was looking for to build my characters.

Now that I can print out my master sculpts all that remains is to run silicone molds and then cast the parts in resin. Unfortunately, my costs have snowballed as the need for printer resin, tools for sanding, drilling and finishing, building a UVB light curing box, IPA safety equipment have brought me to the limit of my disposable income. Therefore, as an independent creative artist, I’m currently looking at crowd-funding opportunities to help me build a full line of these fantasy characters. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the first in the line – Orcus! Thank you for the opportunity to submit my work.



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