Out of Time

Posted In Web Series

Chris has problems. A secretive, bleeding edge tech research firm Sosumi has planted an implant in his head. He has no idea what it really does… until the love of his life Sara is killed in front of him. Chris takes a bullet too, but instead of dying he finds himself in his own past.

Completely out of his depth, he finds himself jumping back and forth at random moments, his memory full of things that both have and have not happened as he’s caught in his own causality loop. As he desperately tries to stop Sara from getting killed, Sosumi is just as desperate to get their tech back. And they don’t care who gets hurt.



  • Director: Rodney V. Smith
  • Director: Shailene Garnett
  • Producer: Dulce Felix
  • Producer: J. Sibley Law
  • Composer: Rob Sbar
  • Sound Design/Mix: James Hicken
  • Editor/VFX: Rodney V. Smith


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