Nerds. Food. Women. That was the tagline of the first season of the serialized food themed
dramedy, Pairings. After great success with their first season, executive producers and cocreators
Ed Robinson and Jodie Younse, are back with a second season to finish the story of
Alan Wallace, an awkward geek who discovers that his cooking talents make him more
appealing to the opposite sex.

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  • Created by Ed Robinson & Jodie Younse
  • Directed by Rick Robinson
  • Written by Ed Robinson
  • Cinematography by Seth Johnson
  • Score by Rob Gokee
  • Edited by Robb Padgett
  • Starring Ed Robinson, Nebula Gu, Nathan Mobley, Paula Rhodes, Rick Robinson, Shannon Nelson, David Nett, Paul Yen with special guest appearance by Richard Hatch


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