Paper Droids


Paper Droids is an online magazine dedicated to geeky girls. We are a place where writers and readers can come together to geek out over their passions, support women in non-traditional or “geeky dude” roles, decry systems that far too often ignore or exclude female audiences, and learn about ladies who are making a difference every day in the world they love. And we do that by geeking out over sci-fi and fantasy books, tech, science, gaming, comics, geek lifestyle, and geek fashion – all from the perspective of super badass women.

Trust us – we are the droid you’re looking for.



  • Art & Literature Editor: Ariel Kroon
  • Entertainment Editor: Elissa Smith
  • Science & Tech Editor: Megan Patterson
  • Lifestyle Editor: Tina Jin
  • Style Editor: Nikita Shah & Graphic Designer
  • Art & Literature Editorial Assistant: K.D. Callaghan
  • Marketing Manager: Stephanie Furlan
  • Sales & Advertising Manager: Vanessa Di Gregorio


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