Pat and Myra Kill Somebody.


Two nobodies are planning to kill a somebody. But what happens when one of them no longer wants to go through with the plan? Pat and Myra try to figure out how to stay friends when they no longer have a common enemy, but a new accomplice and jealousy may make their friendship harder than ever.


  • Producer: Libby Schap and Tim Fairley
  • Director: Oscar Escartin
  • Writer: Dan Schap
  • Director of Photography: Ryan Pelletier
  • Glide Cam Op: Ryan Piccirillo
  • Grips and Electrics: Jeremy Davis
  • Boom Operator: Simon Polakoff
  • Editor: Yael Jacknis
  • Sound Engineer: Dave Gannon
  • Cast includes: Tim Fairley, Libby Schap, Becky Schap, Matt Farina, Rick Gregoire, and Lauren Robinson


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