pat and myra kill somebody.

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pat and myra kill somebody. Follows two nobodies, Pat and Myra, as they meet and discover a common enemy. Their solution? Killing somebody. Each episode brings new over-the-top disguises, murder plot fantasies that spoof classic movie scenes, and an extensive collection of eyepatches.

In season 1, Pat and Myra became friends when they decided to kill somebody. But what happens in season 2 when a new person joins in the murder plans? See Jack Downey as he drives apart these two nobodies and gets closer to his goal to kill somebody



  • Created and written by: Dan Schap
  • Director: Oscar Escartin
  • Director of Photography: Ryan Pelletier
  • Producers: Libby Schap and Tim Fairley
  • Starring: Tim Fairley, Libby Schap, Becky Schap, Matt Farina, Tina Marie Sheehan, Lauren Robinson, Rick Gregoire
  • Grip: Tom Eckenfels
  • Boom Operator: Jeremy Davis
  • Composer: Matt Farina
  • Titles: Seth Halko


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