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Paul Pape Designs: The design and fabrication of custom collectibles, ring boxes, wedding cake toppers and props. Specializing in, but not limited to, geek culture. Paul has been creating custom gifts since he was 6, and has been doing it professionally for almost a decade. Having crafted thousands of one-of-a-kind gifts for people all over the world, and for all types of interests, Paul believes that the best gift is one that speaks to the recipient directly. And what better way than to put them right in the middle of it. You may not know the name, but you’ve seen his work. He’s the creator of the ChocoMiis (chocolate Miis in a Wii shaped box), Custom Carbonites (you sculpted in carbonite. Not your head, but the whole you), Custom Mii and Xbox Avatars, as well a mess of geeky engagement ring boxes (Up house, Tardis, Beauty and the Beast Rose, etc.) just to name a few. Selecting 10 images is a hard thing to do when your job is to create 2-4 custom pieces a week. If you are interested in seeing more of his work, perhaps you could view his BLOG, or if you are interested in how he does it, check out his PODCAST, The Maker Men.

“Creating geekery at the speed of smell.”



Owner/Artist: Paul Pape


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