Penguin: Bird of Prey


“Penguin: Bird of Prey” is an upcoming feature-length fan film directed and written by Chris Clark.

The film centers around the famous and under-appreciated Batman villain The Penguin. It also incorporates other DC characters such as Amanda Waller and Dick Grayson into the mix.

The story starts off 15 after Bruce Wayne, Batman, dies. Dick Grayson has been in hiding since the tragedy and the man responsible has an iron grip over Gotham City. His name is The Penguin, aka Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot. Cobblepot’s activities soon grab the attention of Amanda Waller, head of a Government black ops program entitled “Project Cadmus”. Cobblepot had been secretly funding tests of creating a superhuman, an activity Waller had been secretly monitoring. Waller makes a deal with Cobblepot, giving him carte blanche of the Cadmus facility. Unknown to her, Cobblepot uses this for another ulterior motive in mind. When a strange kidnapping of three teens perplexes the Gotham Police Department, Dick Grayson is forced back into action to try and bring down the man who destroyed his life.

“Penguin: Bird of Prey” features a fantastic cast of trained performers and actors such as Paul Marino, Vincenzo Vaccarro, Samantha Levitt, Karma Leigh, James Royale, Scott Lehman, Kris Ballerini, and child actress Kadence Cook among many others.


  • Director/Producer/Writer: Chris Clark
  • Cinematography: Ryan DeForeest & Davron Mananov
  • Sound Designer: Kurt Cruz
  • Associate Producers: Harry Stymiest Jr & Jeff Trently
  • Visual Effects / Music: Cameron Niemeyer
  • Special Effects: Matthew Wagner
  • Make-Up: Emily Abma, Molly Dies, Kelly Weston, & Crystal Clark
  • Edited by: Chris Clark, Dennis Cullen, & Kurt Cruz
  • Fight Choreography: Rich Masin & Dimetrius Serrano


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