Player Piano


2015 NOMINEE FOR BEST UNSCRIPTED WEB SERIES!  |  View all 2015 Nominees

Player Piano: The Series where classical musicians perform your favorite songs and soundtrack themes in awesome music videos! Created by Director Tom Grey and Composer & Pianist Sonya Belousova, Player Piano has so far tackled songs such as Akira (Kaneda’s Theme), Street Fighter (Guile’s Theme), the Tetris Theme, Doctor Who, Bohemian Rhapsody, and more!



  • Director/Producer: Tom Grey
  • Composer/Pianist: Sonya Belousova
  • Producer: Evan LeVine
  • Producer: Lauren Selman
  • Producer: Joe Brown
  • Production Designer: Megan Burns
  • Production Designer: Kia Herman
  • Cinematographer: Stephen Paar
  • Cinematographer: Ryan Meyer
  • VFX Supervisor: Alessandro Schiassi
  • Art Director: Dakota Hinton


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