Plush by House of Darkly

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In the House of Darkly universe, inanimate objects, food, and imaginary creatures all have their own lives and emotions, running the same wide gamut as people do in the real world. The characters intentionally don’t come with stories; their personalities are in the design, waiting for their owner to bring it out and create their story together. From design to completion, every step is in the hands of a single artist. Detail is a top priority; whether it’s hand-sewn features, soft materials that invite contact, or interactive, moveable parts that reinforce the idea that even art toys shouldn’t just sit in a glass case. Every piece is rigorously checked for quality control, so that nothing leaves the artist’s hands with stray threads or crooked stitching. Every customer deserves the same attention to detail when they buy a “production piece” as they might expect from a one-off in a gallery show. You may have seen House of Darkly pieces in a gallery show, featured on blogs, or chilling in their booth at one of many pop culture events nationwide.



Designer/Artist: Anne Kirn


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