Polar Rollout


Polar Rollout is an upcoming iOS puzzler that combines line-drawing physics action with cartoony animations and a lovable team of characters. Fishy foes from another dimension have invaded the universe and it’s up to the super-powered Rollers to close all of the portals!

Simple swipe-and-tap mechanics are the key formula.  The player navigates a rolling polar bear to a portal by drawing trails of ice and interacting with the surrounding environment.  But before the portal can be entered, you must first carefully plan your path and destroy an invasion of flying piranhas scattered around the level.

Highly-interactive game elements are gradually introduced to the player’s advantage, including cannons, teleportation, and zero-gravity environments, making each world feel like a brand new yet familiar game within itself.  Thus, the limits of your imagination and precision are constantly put to the test.  This makes for a refreshingly unique and distinctly engaging experience for all audiences.


  • Creator: Blair Randall


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