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Victorian England has a steam-powered Internet and Jack the Ripper is posting his crimes on the web. It’s a Sherlockian cyber-thriller and a game of riddles to decipher the identity of the Whitechapel Murderer.

Oscar Lerwill is the best hacker of the 19th Century. When he discovers a file posted by Jack the Ripper, Oscar has to find the clues to decode it in order to save his beloved Lila DeClide (the most alluring cam-harlot in Virtual Whitechapel) and avoid the perilous games of Adam Rhett (the mad troll of WikiPunch).



  • Director/Producer: Nicole Wright
  • Writer/Producer: Armando Saldanamora
  • Associate Producer: Paul Madariaga
  • Production Designer: David King
  • Costume Designer: Shannon Arrant
  • Digital Artist/Illustrator: Andrea Garduno
  • Editor/VFX Artist: Paul Lada
  • Composer: Keith Stacey
  • Director of Photography: Boa Simon
  • Sound Designers: Sean Oakley and Mike Robertson
  • Make-up Artist: Jenny Hou
  • Oscar Lerwill: Ben Whalen
  • Lila DeClide: Rebecca Lynch
  • Adam Rhett: Derek Houck
  • Mr. Humbbaugh: Andy Pandini
  • Alben Scot: Kai Cofer
  • Computer: Anna Mountford


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