The Legal Geeks: Property Lessons from Thor and Civil Procedure from Ant-Man

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Jess and Josh discuss who is the rightful owner of Thor’s Hammer, each from different legal theories. Josh also discusses the civil procedure issues from Ant-Man issue 2.

The Legal Geeks discuss how Thor’s Hammer technically should be personal property that an individual would own. However, as fast as you can say Beta Ray Bill, Mjolnir is inscribed with, “Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

What is the effect of worthiness on being able to own Mjolnir? Does “worthiness” create a revocable transfer of property if the user of becomes unworthy? Jess and Josh explore these issues and more.

Jess and Josh also go into extreme detail on Ant-Man with issues of civil procedure, supplemental jurisdiction, and whether California or Florida law applies on where Iron Man could sue Ant-Man.



Jessica Mederson, Esq., and Joshua Gilliland, Esq.


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