Proxies is a new approach to pet simulator games. How well you take care of your Proxie will determine how the pet ages and evolves. Keeping your pet safe from different weather conditions, preparing it hearty meals and playing with it will ensure that your Proxie stays healthy and happy. But be careful, the consequences of neglect can cause your Proxie to become ill in several ways and can result in death if not handled right away. You also must discover new secrets on your own as your pet grows each day. Customize its appearance with a large variety of accessories and alter its environment with several colorful and lively backgrounds. Oh, and did I mention there are no in app purchases?


  • Game Designer/Artist: Ali Sakhapour
  • Game Designer/Artist/Programmer: Fredson Laguna
  • Music: Wes Howlett
  • Sound Design: Andrew Bautista


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