Puzzle Mayor


Puzzle Mayor is an endless puzzle game mixing match-3 and city building genres. Players match 3 or more of the same plots of land which creates a new, more valuable plot of land. Players earn points for each match. The game features plenty of powerups, a variety of building games, and fun disasters.

It’s a turn-based strategy game inspired by city building and match-3 puzzle games. After countless hours solving city planning issues on SimCity, we wondered what a game like that would be on mobile. We put what’s fun about city building games: planning ahead, strategic decision making, and balancing tradeoffs into a mobile game.

Puzzle Mayor is currently in Beta and will be available on iOS and Android in August.


  • Lead Developer: Peter Nguyen
  • Creative Director: Jack Liu
  • Graphic Artist: Katerina Pushkina
  • Art Director: Ricardo van Duuren
  • Composer: Wendell Fishman


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