R.U.R.: Genesis


A sexy, retro-futuristic take on the classic Karel Capek tale, starring Chase Masterson, Kipleigh Brown, and Vic Mignogna. Set in the style of an alt-history 1969, this teaser for a full-length feature currently in development depicts a world populated by genetically engineered workers (“artificials”) — perfect, made-to-order people who lack fundamental rights.



  • directed & edited by: James Kerwin
  • produced by: Bernie Stern
  • written for the screen by: James Kerwin & Andrew R. Deutsch
  • executive producers: Robert Riccitelli, Joe Balsarotti
  • co-executive producers: Charles Rengel, Michael Morrell
  • director of photography: Jason Cochard
  • production designer: Jace Ford
  • music by: Mike Avenaim
  • VFX supervisor: Michael Struck
  • co-producer: Kimberley Browning
  • associate producer: Jerry Seward
  • costume designer: Kaitlin Weichsel
  • starring: Chase Masterson, Kipleigh Brown, Vic Mignogna, James Ellis Lane, Amara Cash


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