Rainbow Demons

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When rainbows begin to disappear, along with the golden treasures upon which the locals thrive, two bounty hunters venture deep into the mythical island to ensnare the cunning spirit rumoured to be behind it all.

Rainbow Demons asks the question, “What if a game like Zelda became a podcast series?” The result is a sci-fi fantasy audio drama series blending pop culture references and video game themes with a nostalgic nod to the radio dramas of old.


  • Writer & Producer: Klim Levene
  • Marr: Sam Trounce
  • Crawther: Matthew Spears
  • Norah: Rhona Rees
  • Commander: Simon Roberts
  • Ochs: Mairi Macfarlane
  • Crabs & Spoole: Michael Stewart
  • Kell: Steven James
  • Intro/Credits VO: Caroline Harries
  • Additional Intro/Credits VO: Alexandra Lyle
  • Theme music: Klim Levene (arrange/produce) & Thomas Beckman (viola)


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