Rewind: One Last Chance


Unravel the mysteries of the Rewind in this suspenseful narrative experience in which truth is on trial. When Commander Kole Zamon is captured by those he terrorized, he is put on trial for crimes against humanity. But the Commander’s crimes are not the only thing on trial. His love for his daughter is tested. His loyalties are challenged. His religious beliefs are called into question. Beneath the surface of this Rewind – this mysterious trial – lurks a world of intrigue, a world that needs to be uncovered. In an ever-unfolding plot that twists and turns, the path to truth must be found.

The Story
Rewind is a post-apocalyptic story of two races divided by a massive wall. This divide is maintained by more than just steel and stone. The Deks control the Abors by humiliating them. Children are taken from their parents. Genetic tests are performed. Citizens are sacrificed in the name of “progress.” Commander Zamon is not innocent. But, whether he is guilty is an entirely different question.

The Game
Rewind is a story-based game with unique word and number puzzles. Throughout the Rewind, you must explore rooms, while gathering information about Commander Zamon’s past. You decipher documents. Analyze texts. Decode encrypted words. Solve number patterns. Follow maps and gather clues leading to new information.

You travel through a story of two races torn apart by distrust and hatred. You must read and piece together their shared story, while unearthing the dignity that exists beyond the wall.

The Deks and the Abors hate each other. They distrust each other. But we want players to step inside the shoes of people on both sides of the wall. We want players to experience what it’s like to be a Dek leader or an Abor sympathizer or a young girl who can see beyond their differences. There’s plenty of room for judgment in this game, but we hope it’s a game that causes people to reflect more deeply about the differences between people and how these differences come about.

Available now for tablet and phones on Apple’s App Store, Google Play, and Amazon Appstore.


  • Lead Programmer: Hoi Pham
  • Lead 2D Artist: Anita Knezevic
  • Lead 3D Artist: Tang Tao
  • Executive Producer: Debbie Kim
  • Producer: Clarynne Blanchard
  • Music & Sound Design: Cullen Entertainment Group
  • Writer & Director: Jay Schiffman
  • Programmer: Alex Martens
  • Programmer: Michael Elderhorst
  • Artist: Andrea Lowery
  • Sound Design & Audio Mixing: Christian Matthew Cullen
  • Audio Engineering & Editing: Nick Akrap
  • Audio: Chris Cash
  • Audio: King Mixer
  • Voice Over: Eric Howell
  • Voice Over: Nazia Chaudhry


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