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My name is a Robert Catalano, and I am a social media professional living in New Jersey. I run a personal blog,, where I like to post about a variety of social media topics aimed at aiding small business and individuals with social media tips, tricks and knowledge as well as providing entertaining content for those who enjoy geek culture.

The majority of my working life has been spent in the digital media and marketing field. For over five years I have held social media and marketing director positions for a diverse set of businesses. I have specialized experience in public, and social media relations, working with insurance agencies, independent film companies, non-profits as well as personal freelance work to help promote the brand of a company, product, or individual. Within these companies I have had great success creating and implementing successful social media campaigns and more.

Basically connecting and networking with people has always been extremely easy to me, and I’ve found myself living, eating and breathing social media.

I’m also HUGE fan of geek culture. This includes video games, anime, and movies. I’ve attended numerous comic-book, video game and anime themed conventions across the United States, not only as an attendee, but also as a blogger, reporter, and even a dealer!


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