Savant: Kali 47

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2015 NOMINEE FOR BEST MUSIC VIDEO!  |  View all 2015 Nominees

Undead dark riders invade a wild west saloon, blasting away everyone in sight – now only a bad-ass Native American warrior can save the town. A steampunk, supernatural, wild west, epic action-thriller with killer special effects. A thrill ride from music mastermind Savant and director/vfx artist Mike Diva.



  • Director: Michael Dahlquist aka Mike Diva
  • Musician/Composer: Aleksander Vinter aka Savant
  • Writers: Michael Dahlquist, Maxwell James, Jan-Michael Losada
  • Producers: Josh Shadid, Maxwell Reisberg, Maxwell James
  • Co-Produced by: Trip Hope & The League of S.T.E.A.M.
  • Cinematographer: Jan-Michael Losada
  • Key Cast: Solomon Brende {Revolution, Grimm, Deadliest Warrior}
  • Key Cast: Cris Cole {Attila, Deadly Sins, Fight to the Finish}
  • Key Cast: Alvin Hsing {Detective Story, American Brawler, Ninja Apocalypse}
  • Key Cast: James Hutchison III {Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Teen Wolf, The Amazing Spider-Man 2}


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