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SciFi4Me is a multimedia portal to news and entertainment information from around the world. We call it “SciFi4Me” because when you say it out loud, you’re reading our mission statement — science fiction and genre coverage for “me”.

We call it “Your Portal to the Science Fiction Multiverse” because we try to cover everything from STAR WARS to STAR TREK to Pixar to Marvel & DC to Heinlein, Asimov, McCaffrey, and everything in between. It’s #geeknews for everyone. began March 23, 2009, and we’ve been quietly chugging away ever since. We crank out reviews, interviews, and news from all over the genre community. Someday someone may thank us for it.

SciFi4Me 3.0 launched a new design in November 2014, with more features and better tools to bring you more content from around the world. Our all-volunteer staff spans the demographic range, as does our audience — where most sites like ours appeal to the 25-34 crowd, we draw in everyone from 18 and up.

We interview celebrities. We have podcasts. We have video. We’re at conventions and red carpet premieres. We have reporters in Kansas City, Dallas/Fort Worth, San Diego, Los Angeles, Mexico City, and Krakau, Poland.



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