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The strangest nerd you will ever know. I love all things comic, sci-fi, noir, and cult. On top of that I grew up swinging an axe for a living and now I carry a rifle and a med-bag on the battlefield. Never enough reason to stop carving. Ever.

SineCera came from several places. At a very young age, my father carved me a wooden broadsword to run around the back yard with and pretend to be Rob Roy. Since then I had a knack for making weapons out of wood. School and sports soon got in the way and the toys lay forgotten.

Later on in high school I was assigned a 3-D mapping project of the United States. While my classmates went about buying expensive materials and paying other folk to do their work, I grabbed a sheet of 1/2″ redwood, cut it out with a bandsaw, and chiseled the geography into it.

That Christmas, I cut out wooden tree ornaments for family and friends in their South Park likenesses. The next year was comic book characters.

Years later in college, I joined the set building department at Cal State Northridge. I flunked out of school for I found spending time in the shop was much more beneficial to my life than the mediocre, underfunded, and unenthusiastic education system. (I’m not knocking CSUN, the whole education system is at risk nowadays. People are too worried about money, not education)

The following Christmas I went for a challenge and carved my friends flasks for their presents. After many an outcry of “WHY DONT YOU SELL THESE, YOU IDIOT!?!?!-(said The Internets Mark Donica, @SoapboxMark.) I opened my shop. Been doing it ever since, even while being an active duty military member. Semper Fi.



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