Skara, The Blade Remains


SKARA brings versus fighting to an online multiplayer setting, where players compete for dominance in a world racked by cosmic disaster.

Take part in fast-paced, hand-to-hand combat that rewards your skills, not your stats!

What features make Skara unique?

The following represents the vision behind Skara. Take into account that these features may NOT be in the game yet. See the next section for more information about the game’s ‘Development Roadmap.’

AWESOME GRAPHICS: Just because an Indie Studio is making the game doesn’t mean it has to sacrifice on quality. We have cut no corners in graphics or design. Skara will be one of the first video games released with Unreal Engine 4, and it won’t be difficult to see how wonderful this engine is, even when working with a small team.

SKILL-BASED GAMEPLAY: Skara is about skill, timing, accuracy and practice. As in any Versus game, knowing your combos and the best moment to use them is crucial for survival in the arenas. Dodge, counter-attack and execute your enemies with spectacular fatalities. But watch your back, you could be surrounded! The best players and teams will be honored as the Heroes of Skara.

5 RACES: Choose one of Skara’s “races,” each with a unique fighting style and history. Players will get to choose how their character looks and also their fighting style, and their actions on the battlefield will determine the future of their people.

GAME MODES: There’s not always time to play for hours on end. Players can open Skara for a five minute skirmish or for several hour long faction battles. Game Modes will include Free-for-all, Team Deathmatch, Siege, Kill the King, Dominion and Capture the Flag.

ARENAS: Skara is comprised of arenas, which players enter to fight. These arenas differ widely in look and feel, from lava pits to forests to towns to soaring mountainous regions. Some game modes allow for factions to fight to dominate the arenas as territory. This will be charted on our interactive map.

FATALITIES: Customize the way enemies are dispatched with spectacular fatalities, following the venerable tradition seen in many versus games.

FACTIONS: Ruling Skara will require teamwork. Players from a similar “race” will band together to fight with other groups in hopes of dominating the world. Members of the same faction can perform special combined attacks called Team Actions. The better coordinated the team, the more chances they will have of winning a battle.



  • Creative Director: Pablo Rodriguez
  • Executive Producer: Cesar Ortega


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