SkullMan Grog (Tech Demo)

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SkullMan Grog (Tech Demo) is a 3rd Person Action Adventure pirate game that follows 13 year old Blimey as she goes to the mysterious Skull Island to recover the gold inside. SkullMan Grog (Tech Demo) is cartoon-like in nature, bringing back the comedy to the now all too serious pirate genre.

The game features land combat, ship combat, and Crewmate Commands which allow your allies to perform stronger or helpful moves in battle. The player controls the young but enthusiastic pirate wannabe, Blimey. She is supported by a colorful cast of characters that help her along her journey of self discovery. Her foes are just as colorful and have some unique abilities. The tech demo introduces one such foe named, Cornbread, a pirate of some renown that has a strange sense of tactics and strategy. Each character has a unique personality reflected in the dialogue. Blimey is naïve but driven, Reilly is suave but crafty, Miss Éclair is proper and worldly, and Cornbeard is…stupid and kind of strange.

SkullMan Grog (Tech Demo) was envisioned to be colorful and comedic in nature. This game was produced as a proof of concept to prove that a much bigger game of this nature could be made (and will be made). We found that 3rd person action games these days were too dark and we wanted to bring back the “fun” factor back into gaming with SkullMan Grog (Tech Demo). With many improvements, this Tech Demo will lead to something grander!

Zeroth Entertainment started with two brothers, Stephen and Nick Munoz, but as we convinced others we were serious about making this game, friends pointed us to people who were talented and eager to help. All 9 core team members are located all across California and some even have jobs but they took the time to add to our game. We meet twice weekly via Google + to make sure that everyone is on track and gets exactly what they need. We are committed to SkullMan Grog and will see it through to the end.



  • Director/Programmer: Stephen Munoz
  • Director/Writer: Nicholas Munoz
  • Programmer: Michael Brennock
  • 2D Artist: Louise Kay Uy
  • 2D Artist: Jake “FlashV” Blair
  • 3D Artist: Winston Thrasher
  • 3D Artist: Jessica Anderson
  • 3D Artist: Kevin Baker
  • Composer: Kevin Valenzuela


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