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At SomeGadgetGuy we handle tech reviews, tutorials, and editorial with a focus on lifestyle. Benchmarks, megapickles, and giggleflips don’t tell you how a gadget might fit into your daily life. Does it fit your personal style? Does it solve more problems for you than it creates? Can it live up to the claims from the manufacturers’ commercials?

We have a lot of fun digging into these products, and sharing our experiences. We’ve built a community of viewers, fans, and co-hosts that want to rise above fanboy-ism and tech trolling. Walking away from flame-baiting to focus on nuance and raising the bar on this discussion. We want to make this conversation better by respecting our audience’s intelligence. Stick around. Watch a few vids. I think you’ll like it here.

Also, I’m pretty sure un-boxing videos give you syphilis… Pretty sure I read that in a book somewhere…

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