Share: is the brainchild of voice actor Dino Andrade (the Scarecrow from “Batman: Arkham Asylum”) and was created in memory of his late wife, and geek soul-mate, voice actress Mary Kay Bergman. It is a geek dating website built primarily out of the desire to make something good come out of tragedy, by helping fellow lovers of great works of imagination find a geek soul-mate… their “SoulGeek”. Click for the IN-DEPTH STORY.

THE WEBSITE: Geek profiles (including same-sex options), geek chat, geek pics, geek videos & music, geek blogs, geek forums… it’s all here. Are you looking for a geek of your own to share your passion for all things sci-fi, horror & fantasy? Then is the site you’ve been looking for.

MULTI-MEDIA: Need Geek dating advice? has recently launched a weekly YouTube webseries ”The Muses” where a trio of Geek Chicks discuss everything and anything connected to geek dating. The show is hosted by’s resident geek dating advice columnist Helen Gulish and co-stars Ruby Coleman and costumer & actress Heather C. Harris most recently of “Star Trek Into Darkness” fame.

LIVE EVENTS: Beyond the internet, throws bi-monthly geek singles Ladies Nite events in the local Los Angeles area, featuring a lively mix of table-top gaming and group participation games. Hosted by Dino Andrade and co-hosted by “The Muses” co-star Heather C. Harris and Ben Paddon the creator of the popular video gaming webseries “PortsCenter”.

Not corporate sponsored and fiercely independent, was created by a geek member of the geek entertainment community – a “geek-who-made-it” if you will – devoted not to a business end-game, but rather a core mission of bringing geeks together, not once a year at local conventions, but anytime on any platform. And with over 20 SoulGeek weddings and countless couples made from thousands of members, is succeeding in its mission. Our TESTIMONIALS.

From the “Story of SoulGeek” page:

Andrade states, “SoulGeek will come to mean many things to many people, but for me every couple we bring together is a living testament to my late wife’s memory. Together Mary Kay and I loved fandom and out of her tragic loss fan-guys and fan-gals, no different than we were, are finding love. I’d say that’s a pretty good legacy.”



  • Site Creator & Founder/Live Events Host/”The Muses” Director: Dino Andrade
  • Editor-in-Chief/Live Events Co-Host: Ben Paddon
  • Creative Adviser/Live Events Co-Host/”The Muses” Co-Star: Heather C. Harris
  • Dating Advice Columnist/”The Muses” Producer & Host: Helen Gulish
  • Chief Moderator & PR Monkey: Spencer Cotter
  • Director of Site Management: Ursula Edwards
  • Art Director: J.M. Bell


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