Spike Mulligan is a story about Portland Oregon and what happens there when world altering EMP waves knock civilization right out of the 21st century. Zombies are only a temporary setback. There’s the MF gang to consider also.

This DIY experiment began taking shape in 2010 and the first issue was ready for distribution in February 2013. 100 copies were printed and packets were sent to various Portland breweries, pubs and tap houses, free of charge. The hope was that people would read it, and respond by writing a letter. There is no website and there is no facebook page. There is only the book, held in hand and read, with an email address for contact. Issue #2 followed in March 2013 when 100 copies of this issue were printed and mailed out to favorite places again, free of charge. 90% of the books went to places of business in Portland but a few managed to escape to the outer world. Issue #3 did not see print until July 2013 when 150 copies were printed and distributed for free. This was the first issue to have some letters printed by readers, three to be exact. I was excited!! The advertising on the back covers is completely put together by me also and at no charge. These ads are nothing more than promotions for places I have enjoyed visiting while in Portland. I have always held to the promise that if any pub, brewery or business does not like or want to be in this experimental/book/story I will be happy to write them out of the script in some creative way.  Issue #4 did not see print until January of 2014 when 200 copies made their way out into Portland and the world at large all for free. By this time, the story was starting to take some shape and I was having to take some very serious considerations about what this scenario might really look like. With 1.7 million people in the greater Portland metropolitan area, I had to step back and consider my tale and my visuals. It was a whole year before issue #5 was ready for distribution and in January 2015 I hand delivered the first wave of books, while on a Portland pub crawl with two buddies, eating and imbibing the wares of the establishments we visited. 300 copies of issue #5 were printed and over half of them are already dispersed.

Issue #6 is in the works. I am planning on this tale coming to some kind of a close by issue #12

This book might sound dark and foreboding but it’s actually quite light and humorous.

To this day my favorite comic book artist and story teller is… . Herge.


  • Concept, ideas, writer and artist – Michael Mac
  • Cover art – Jack Dickason
  • Photography – Doug DeWitt