Star Trek Valiant – The Artellian Gambit

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Star Trek: Valiant is a fan film that takes place shortly after the events of The Original Series. It follows the exploits of Captain Scott Gordon and the crew of the Federation star ship Valiant. On their first foray into space, they must prevent the destruction of a newly discovered sentient species …

This project was made by a group of dedicated Trekies looking to add to the vast amount of awesome fan work out there.


  • Producers: Daniel St. George, Scott Leverett, Alex Rothauser, & Jonathon Courtot
  • Director: Daniel St. George
  • Screenplay: James Chapman
  • Director of Photography: Alex Rothauser
  • Editor: Jonathon Courtot
  • Miniature Effects: Matthew Merenda
  • Visual Effects: Peter Srinivasan
  • Sound Design: Peter Srinivasan & Jonathon Courtot
  • Color Correction: Alex Rothauser
  • Hair, Make Up, & Costumes: Angi Viper
  • Production Designer: Scott Leverett
  • Sound Recordist: Casey Dwyer
  • Theme Music: Matthew Merenda
  • Valiant Cast: Jonathon Courtot, Scott Leverett, Daniel St. George, Amanda Clayton, Zach Redmond, Claire Hendon, Mike Kmet, Matthew Merenda, Lie-Fei Tang
  • Klingon Cast: John Anthony, Alex Rothauser, Jerry Trotta, Scott Leverett
  • Artellian: Casey Dwyer


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