Stardust Trinkets

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A tinker since childhood, I officially began crafting unique and original jewelry in 2008 for Renaissance faires in the Inland Northwest to cover the cost of gas to and from the festivals. As custom requests came pouring in, more designs were offered out of my hand-held basket, which soon expanded to a booth, then an online store, and quickly to the comic con circuit. Using our favorite TV shows, movies, and books as inspiration, everything can be used in a Trinket from standard chains and charms to doll house toys, Lego pieces, scrapbook embellishments, watch parts and clay. My kids help me tweak the designs and make sure they will hold up against wear and activities, and my husband helps at the booth as well as occasionally designing pieces with the flare of a mechanic.


  • Owner & Designer: Monica Thomas
  • Booth Help & Encourager: Dan Thomas (The Husband)
  • “Durability Testing” & Inspiration Source: Alana & Cooper (The Kidlets)


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