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Share: is the official website for the independent, crowd-funded film projects “Prelude to Axanar” (a short film set in the Star Trek universe, released in 2014) and “Axanar” (the feature length follow-up to the short film, to be released in 2016).

What we’ve devoted ourselves to, and what makes our site very unique, setting it apart from others, is the extreme level of interconnectedness it allows with our fans and donors — something that is absolutely critical in a crowd-funded enterprise. It’s all accomplished in an elegant, responsive, and easy-to-navigate format.

Although we initially based our web design on a template, there has been considerable tweaking along the way by web designers Aaron Harvey and Terry McIntosh. The end result (which continues to evolve as our project and online community keep growing) is a dynamic site, full of opportunities for everyone to learn and be engaged.

From the homepage — which features a stunning sequence of special effects graphics — to the host of information accessible via each drop-down box, our site is a visually appealing and mentally stimulating landing point which welcomes every visitor.

Some key highlights of our site:
1. informational bits on cast, crew and project history (by, about, and for geeks);
2. a daily “Captain’s Log” by Executive Producer Alec Peters, providing a quick daily update;
3. frequent blog posts by staff and volunteers;
4. links to donation sites; and
5. a wealth of photos, videos, artwork, and conceptual graphics.

Catering first and foremost to the worldwide legion of Star Trek fans — a whole geek culture in and of itself — our short film (viewable on the website) has also managed to garner a sizable, previously non-Star-Trek following… simply on the strength of what we’ve already produced, as well as the daily glimpses into our follow-up project (all available on the website). In fact, we’ve managed to develop what not only we, but many of our fans, are calling the “Axanar Movement”.


  • Website Designer: CommonGround Creative
  • Website Developers: Aaron Harvey, Terry McIntosh
  • Website Editors: Alec Peters, Terry McIntosh, Mary Anne Butler


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