Steam Bandits: Outpost

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In Steam Bandits: Outpost, you play as the newly-hired skyrunner of a burgeoning trade outpost in the floating world of Stratos. It’s up to you to manage your outpost and assemble your party to explore the furthest reaches of the skies. Armed with only a handful of gold, your dashing good looks, and a kindly clockbot assistant, you’ll run into obstacles and misadventure, but success will earn you a place as one of the wealthiest, most stylish denizens of Stratos. Fortune favors the bold!



  • Creative Director: Jason Fader
  • Lead Programmer: Nick Lawson
  • Programmer: Matt Yaeger
  • Art Director: Phil Wohr
  • Lead Artist: Esther Chen
  • 2D Artist: Susan Lau
  • 2D Artist: Natalie Wohr
  • 2D Artist: Lindsey Laney
  • 3D Artist: J.D. Cerince
  • Lead Animator: Palmer Williams
  • Animator: Ashley Miler
  • Lead Level Designer: Alex Vrana
  • Level Designer/System Designer: David McFadden
  • Level Designer: Louis Saucedo
  • Level Designer: Matthew Barcas
  • Narrative Designer: Nick Mazmanian
  • Narrative Designer: Alexia Fedail
  • Audio Engineer: Johnathan Peros
  • Social Media Manager: Brittany Traufler
  • Community Manager: Leanna Abbott


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