Steampunk Octopus Necklace by Monika Brückl

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Hello. My name is Monika Brückl. Originally I am from Switzerland but for some time now I live in Munich, Germany.

I love to express myself artistically; my head is always full of ideas. What is more, I love dragons of all kinds and fantasy in general. Classic and modern monsters, Science Fiction, Steampunk… I love anything out of the ordinary. Consequently it’s no surprise that my craft follows the same direction.

Among other materials, I discovered Polymer clay to be perfect for my work. It allows me to fabricate a wide variety of wonderful objects.

My newest creation is the Steampunk Octopus. Meanwhile I have a whole collection and every piece is one of a kind.

The Steampunk Octopus are handcrafted from Polymer clay and complemented with clock- and ornament pieces. Pigment powder gives them their shiny metallic look. You can wear them as necklace for example. The leather thread is exchangeable, thus you can attach other chains of different length or design at your convenience.

Together with my husband we own a little shop where we sell products concerning merchandise, fantasy and lifestyle. Of course I also offer my own creations there. Furthermore we operate an online store where the whole assortment is available ( The Steampunk Octopus are our newest addition and will be available for online retail within the next weeks. But there are other crafts like small dragons, dragon eggs, hair accessoires, WireWrap jewelry and much more.


  • Artist: Monika Brückl


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