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2015 NOMINEE FOR BEST TOY/CRAFT!  |  View all 2015 Nominees

GinnyPenny messy little robots are made with wool felt and lots and lots of hand stitching. It all started when I was pregnant and sketching out page ideas for a soft book for my new baby. I wanted it to be full of all the geeky things I love. After working on an idea for a robot page I just knew I had to make a 3D version for the nursery. I just started cutting and sewing felt and came up with what I thought looked like a sweet and innocent little robot. After I started designing more, the soft book was set aside. I started to create them for customers and have received some of the neatest custom requests. I have made pirate robots, wedding robots for the top of the cake and even a robot with a stick hobby horse. My favorite are the steampunk robots. This is where I get to be really creative. No two are the same. I use vintage found buttons for eyes and steampunky colors. Each robot seems to come out with its own little personality and after spending many hours sewing each one I feel like I have to say goodbye when I put them in the box to ship to their new homes.



Creator and Robot Seamstress: Susie Lee


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