Synonymy is a non-profit, educational word game narrated by Richard Dawkins in which players are challenged to find the paths between random words through their network of synonyms. By taking the synonym of a word, and then a synonym of that synonym, and so on, you can ultimately arrive at any other word in the English language.

Synonymy supports multiplayer, and weekly challenges in which word game enthusiasts can compete globally on set start and end words. Every time a path is uncovered by a user, it is tweeted from @synonymygame and posted to our Facebook.

Challenge friends to a game by choosing one of the 60 million possible passcode or use the new Synonymy Passcode Generator to choose your start and end word yourselves.

For more a visualization of the game’s database, compiled using astronomical software, click here


  • Director: Christopher Cinq-Mars Jarvis
  • Narrator: Richard Dawkins
  • AD:Jonathan Chin
  • Actionscript: Michael Bromley
  • Daduk


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