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Tabletop Audio: Ambient audio and music to enhance your worlds.

What is Tabletop Audio?
Tabletop Audio provides free ambient audio and music tracks for use in games or as immersive background audio for anything. While originally designed for pen-and-paper role-playing gamers, many other types of people have found the site integral to their pursuits. Writers found that connecting their brains to a story via audio was an intriguing resource. The sense of “thereness” created by the audio let the words flow naturally and let the characters react in a way that felt real. Board gamers discovered that ambient tracks added thematic depth to many of their games. Similarly, commuters, distance-runners, gym-rats, teachers, meditators, lucid-dreamers, house cleaners, programmers, artists..the list goes on, have all connected in various ways with the site.

Tabletop Audio is for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in the audio-space of one environment, while physically inhabiting another.

Who Are You?
I’m a composer and sound designer living in Brooklyn, NY. I created Tabletop Audio in 2014 out of a desire to increase the sense of immersion in the pen-and-paper RPGs I played with my kids. We found that when adding an audio component to our sessions it created a bridge between ourselves and our story we were all telling. In fact, once an ambience started playing, we were instantly removed from our physical environment and transported to the minds of our characters.

Why Did You Make This?
As any creative professional will tell you, working for clients usually doesn’t scratch many creative itches. Tabletop Audio allows me free reign to do whatever I feel like (ars gratia artis!). Creating miniature 10 minute films out of sound and connecting with people who enjoy them has been wonderful.

Free? What’s the Catch?
Tabletop Audio is a free resource. There are no subscriptions, no paywall, and no advertising on the site. The audio is released under Creative Commons non-commercial license. The site is entirely supported by user donation. The catch is that without user support the site can’t survive. Support artists you care about, both online and offline. It doesn’t take much.



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