Talking Comics


The Talking Comics podcast has been around in the geek community for almost three years. The weekly podcast covers a variety of topics ranging from movies, video games, books and of course, comics. Each week, the podcast crew banter, share their thoughts on news, discuss their favourite comics of the week and do a roundtable on whatever topic they choose. The hosts of the show are all incredibly different from one another in what they read and where they stand on certain topics. The diversity leads to fascinating discussions for listeners to enjoy.

Listeners interact with the show constantly through Twitter, Facebook and the forums, forming an incredibly healthy, thriving and safe geek community.



  • Producer/Host: Bobby Shortle
  • Co-Host: Stephanie Cooke
  • Co-Host: Steve Seigh
  • Co-Host: Bob Reyer
  • Original Art: Hanie Mohd


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