Corey Scott Levin - Head Writer


Corey Scott Levin hails from Norwalk, Connecticut, a fact which he will not shut up about. He spent the early part of his career writing witty game show host banter, pitching budget-breaking stories to Star Trek, and eating too much fried chicken. One of his Star Trek pitches and all of his fried chicken orders resulted in a sale.

His more recent work includes a stint on The X-Factor live pre-show (during which he confirmed that Paula Abdul is, indeed, quite tiny), filling almost every crew position imaginable on a variety of films and web series, and writing for numerous live streaming shows. He currently has a sitcom pilot in development, and is irrationally obsessed with walking.

His other passions include Olympic-style archery, Metroid, grilling meat, and trying to figure out how to get back to 1985.

Credits: IMDb
Twitter: @coreylevin