Telikos Protocol


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Telikos Protocol is an explosive science fiction action-adventure graphic novel series, set in a post-apocalyptic Earth in the midst of a disastrous first contact event. Peter Cooper and Adam Burn, a writer-artist team based in the United Kingdom have teamed up with Vanquish Interactive Publishing to deliver a Limited Graphic Novel Series, slated for 9 issues to be released quarterly. Vanquish Interactive and writer-artist dynamic duo launched the most successful new comic/new publisher comic book campaign in Kickstarter history raking in a whopping $50k in 30 days:

Earth. 2294.

In the wake of ecological and environmental disaster, humanity stands on the brink of extinction, trapped in subterranean cities with the planet Earth dying all around them.

The abandoned relics of an alien race are mankind’s last hope for salvation. But when they return to Earth to reclaim their lost technology, humanity is left in a bitter fight for survival.



  • Artist: Adam Burn
  • Writer: Peter Cooper
  • Letterer: Justin Korthof
  • Publisher: Nav Gupta
  • Publisher: Jay Douglas
  • Co-Publisher: Andree Wallin


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