Tempus Temporis: The Audio Drama

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Tempus Temporis: The Audio Drama; an audio dramatization of the fan novels,Tempus Temporis which are based in an alternate Doctor Who/Torchwood universe with a mix of original material and episode references from the canon story line. Complete with a worldwide cast and several amazing celebrity guest actors, this audio drama is mixed with 3D sound and is best heard on headphones.

Season 1/Episode 2 continues with the adventures of the Doctor and Heather, a new companion who may turn out to be the Master’s greatest weapon, as they set course for France – The Summer of 1816, and, as always, things don’t go exactly as planned!

Tempus Temporis: The Audio Drama is now in Season 2. Season 1 & Season 2 are both available for free download on iTunes.


  • Writer/Producer/Director/Editor: Lady S
  • Captain Jack: Dorian Chase
  • Ianto Jones: Anna W-H
  • The Master: Matt Steninger
  • The 10th Doctor: Matt Holden
  • The 11th Doctor: William Yates
  • Owen Harper: Andy Brown
  • Toshiko: Abby Schuls Steninger
  • Gwen Cooper: Melissa Jackson


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