Tentacle Kitty

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December 2009: It was a dark and stormy night near Portland, Oregon. While sitting at a 24-hour diner waiting for his fiancé to get out of work, John Merritt decided to make something really cute for her. He combined his love of kitties with her love of tentacles, sprinkled some extra cute on top, and the character known as “Tentacle Kitty” was created.

After sharing the illustration of Tentacle Kitty with the world back in 2010, the growing number of fans demanded plushes. After a year of development and a purchase order from ThinkGeek, we came out with the first Tentacle Kitty plush. It sits at 8 inches tall, has 10 tentacles, and is one of the softest plushies you will ever find.

When the plush was designed, cuddliness was top priority. We wanted it just the right size to snuggle, weighted for balance, and instead of using wires in the tentacles, we opted for a little strip of elastic sewn into each tentacle.

This gives the plush a unique effect. When you hold it, it feels like it is holding you back, or giving you mini-hugs. An unexpected, and fun side effect of using elastic is that the tentacles can be used to hang the plush upside down.

We sold out of the First Edition plush almost immediately, and more were ordered as well as plushies for some of our other fun characters. Today we have five colors of the large Tentacle Kitty, thanks to a successful Kickstarter in December 2014, a rainbow assortment of Little Ones, which are kittens from Tentacle Kitty’s dimension, Pirate Kitty, Ninja Kitty, and Rat Tailed Unicorns.

We have created exclusive custom Tentacle Kitty plushes for comic book/pop-culture conventions Comicpalooza, Emerald City Comic Con, and are working on one for Dragon Con and several more to come!

We also have a highly coveted, win-only plush trophy called “The Legendary Golden Tentacle Kitty”. We typically only offer the trophy for Cosplay contests at conventions that we are guests at, or sponsor, and it is a very sought after prize for our fans.
Tentacle Kitty even has her own comic which can be found on our website www.tentaclekitty.com.
Every day we are working on new products, stories, and characters to bring people smiles.

Tentacle Kitty started through the love of 2 things. So it seemed natural to share that love with our peers. I started making posters of Tentacle Kitty mixing with other things we loved: video games, anime, TV series, and movies. We took Tentacle Kitty to our local comic convention and it exploded into its very own fandom! Not only were people loving their Tentacle Kitty plushies, they were making clothes for them, taking them on adventures and sharing them on their feeds, but they were drawing, even cosplaying as Tentacle Kitty! We even held a Tentacle Kitty Cosplay Contest last year!  

The most amazing thing about Tentacle Kitty isn’t that it all grew from one little picture made because of love. The most amazing thing about Tentacle Kitty is that it has brought happiness to so many people. We meet people all over the country who tell us that Tentacle Kitty has changed their lives. Sometimes the change may be as simple as bringing a bit of joy and delight, but other times she gives hope where they had none, a smile when they forgot how, or simply a hug when they need one the most.


“Never Judge a Kitty by Its Tentacles”

Tentacle Kitty and her friends are proof that no matter what preconceptions
You may have of the world around you, or even yourself, the truth will most
Certainly surprise you.



  • Creator: John Merritt
  • Co-Writer: Raena Merritt


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